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Sprinkler Request Form

This form is not meant to replace the Event Request Form.The Event Form must be filled out and your event approved before sprinkler schedules will be altered.

This form is intended to serve as verification that you have undergone the proper steps with Event Services, and that your event is contracted.  We must receive this request for sprinklers to be turned off anywhere on campus with at least 3 weeks of notice.  If it is after that time, we will still do our best to facilitate your request, but you may be responsible for a rush order charge fee. Please read the Policies for Outdoor Events form before proceeding.Even with this request, we can never fully guarantee sprinklers will not come on.  If they do come on during your event, contact Campus Police at 797-1939 and they will call the on duty landscaper.  If you have further questions please call Justin Williams (797-2995) or Brandon Hansen (797-1104) with Event Services.

  • Please click this button to indicate you have read and agree to the guidelines above: