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About Us

“We are service professionals dedicated to consistently providing exceptional experiences for our guests in a safe, clean, and friendly environment.” With up to 175 staff members and 4 different crews, we strive to live up to this mission statement.

The Athletic Venue Maintenance crew provide the day to day maintenance work and preserve our venues cleanliness.

Event Operations oversees the magic in our events. They work behind the scenes to dissipate any food/drink spills and service any restroom. This crew is the first one to arrive and the last one to leave ensuring that our events shine from start to finish.

Guest Services primary goal is to “Be the Solution” for our guests attending our events. They help guests find their desired locations, a lost member of their party, and report any issues/concerns they may have. In an emergency evacuation, they also help our guests find the nearest exits.

Moving Services assists in delivering equipment or moving furniture in both University-related functions and departments. If you have spotted any tables or chairs on campus, it’s from the fruits of their labor.

Staff members if you have questions, please send your concerns to or text the Aggie Fan Line at 435-554-1010.