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Moving Request Form

Thank you for choosing Facilities Moving Services

In order for Facilities Moving Services to better assist you with your campus moving needs and to prevent damage to your belongings, we ask that the following criteria be met before we move your items:

  • Computers, computer components, and electrical items need to be disconnected and the corresponding accessories (mouse, keyboard, etc.) need to be boxed.
  • All personal items and/or office supplies need to be boxed or moved by the customer.
  • Desk drawers need to be emptied and the contents boxed or moved by the customer.
  • Contents of storage cabinets and book shelves need to be removed and boxed or moved by the customer.
  • File cabinets need to remain unlocked. The movers may lock them in order to facilitate the move.
  • All boxes need to be folded with the lids flat so they can be stacked.
  • Boxes with fragile items need to be clearly marked fragile.
  • All boxes need to be marked with their destination location.

Working together, we will be able to efficiently move your items and prevent damage to your belongings.  To ensure a timely move please have all items ready to be moved by the specified time and date.

  • Please click this button to indicate you have read and agree to the guidelines above:

*If it is not listed on this form, we cannot promise that we will have time to move it, so please list everything that you need moved.

For questions please contact moving services at (435)-797-2886