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Stadium Production FAQ

Athletics handles credentials. Contact Scott Randall at 435-797-7186.
Doug Hoffman 435-797-3714 Zach Fisher 435-797-2066 Justin Williams 435-797-2995 Reed Capner 435-797-7186
There are no private security companies in town. Contact campus police at 797-1939 and they should be able to help.
Athletics should be able to help or Time Rentals in Logan 435-755-7000.
No facilities at stadium for luncheon. Champ room can be made available at basketball arena and can seat 75 people. Justin Williams can reserve the space.
Restrooms will be open
Logan Regional Hospital. Take a right out of the stadium west parking lot, proceed to 1400 north, take a left and proceed to 500 east. Take left into hospital
Roughly 220 feet long and 15 feet wide
Visitors-NW corner/Home-NE corner
Far NW section and sometimes upper east
Aggies-2nd floor of Laub Complex/Visitor-Outside locker room
Contact Reed Capner for this as well.
Contact James Nye with parking at 435-797-7274
West concourse at the 50 yard line.
They are all labeled with what they are
High left 30, High 50, High right 30, High EZ South, Low EZ North (stadium will provide 8x8x36” platform), Near sideline motorized cart with limited movement, hand held, LPS scoreboard/clock
Booth is room 312 in press box and is located on the south 40 yard line. Dimensions are 7 feet deep by 10 feet wide.
Contact Reed Capner 435-797-7186
NE seating section
Contact James Nye in parking 435-797-7274
84.8 mi, 1 hour 35 mins I-15 N and US-91 N
100 mi,2 hours 9 mins US-89 N

Driving directions to Romney Stadium (E.L. "Dick") Salt Lake City, UT
1. Head north on S Main St toward W 300 S/W Broadway    0.1 mi
2. Take the 1st left onto W 300 S/W Broadway       0.5 mi
3. Turn left onto S 300 W          0.2 mi
4. Take the 1st right onto W 400 S           0.7 mi
5. Slight right to merge onto I-15 N         16.2 mi
6. Slight left to stay on I-15 N                   37.9 mi
7. Take exit 362 for 1100 S St toward US-91/US-89     453 ft
8. Keep right at the fork, follow signs forBrigham City/Logan/Perry and     merge onto US-91 N/W 1100 S Continue to follow US-91 N            25.6 mi
9. Continue onto Main St/Nibley Rd Continue to follow Main St  2.3 mi
10. Turn right onto E 1000 N            1.1 mi
11. Turn left onto N 800 E                0.2 mi
12. Take the 1st right onto E 1200 N 0.1 mi Romney Stadium (E.L. "Dick") Logan, Utah
295 mi, 4 hours 45 mins I-84 E 330 mi, 5 hours 30 mins I-84 E and
I-86 E 364 mi, 6 hours 30 mins US-20 E

Driving directions to Romney Stadium (E.L. "Dick") From Boise, ID
1. Head northeast on S 11th St toward Lee St   0.2 mi
2. Take the 2nd right onto W Myrtle St   1.0 mi
3. Turn right onto Broadway Ave    2.9 mi
4. Turn left to merge onto I-84 E/US-20 E/US-26 E/U.S. 30 E Continue to follow I-84 E     167 mi
5. Slight right to stay on I-84 E (signs forOgden) Entering Utah   95.8 mi
6. Take exit 41 to merge onto I-15 N towardPocatello   6.0 mi
7. Take exit 385 for State Route 30 E towardRiverside/Logan   0.5 mi
8. Turn right onto UT-30 E/State Route 30 E   19.2 mi
9. Turn left onto N Main St   1.0 mi
10. Turn right onto E 1000 N   1.1 mi
11. Turn left onto N 800 E    0.2 mi
12. Turn right onto E 1200 N 0.1 mi Romney Stadium (E.L. "Dick")  Logan, Utah