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Nelson Fieldhouse, HPER, QUAD  

The Nelson Fieldhouse, the Health, Physical Education and Recreation (HPER), and Quad are popular places to hold events. Each location has different amenities suited for your event.The Fieldhouse has 38,000 square feet of open floor space that is good for hosting large events with many people. Many dances, cultural, and recreational activities happen in this facility year round. The HPER building has two swimming pools, three gymnasiums, two dance studios, and male and female locker rooms that can be used for events. The HPER has been rented for events held by Utah Special Olympics, on campus organizations, and for receptions. 

Probably the most coveted space on campus is the Quad. For those who are familiar with Utah State, the Quad is one of  the most famous landmarks. From spring to fall the Quad can be scheduled to for all sorts of events from sporting games, outdoor markets, to concerts.

To reserve these spaces please contact Campus Recreation at 797-0549. Once the space or building has been reserved  through Campus Recreation contact Event Services to arrange a contract meeting.*

*Events that do not have a contract signed two weeks prior may not be allowed to happen.

For a partial list of building rates please click here.
For a list of labor and equipment rates click here.
For a complete list please submit an event request form and we will contact you about rates and availability.
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