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Dee Glen Smith Spectrum

The Dee Glenn Smith Spectrum is perfect for many large events such as concerts, sporting events, meetings, and even graduation ceremonies.The Spectrum sits in the heart of beautiful Cache Valley on the campus of Utah State University, and welcomes hundreds of thousands of students, fans, friends, and family each year as they cheer on their favorite athletic team, attend a meeting, or see their child graduate from high school or college.With seating for 10,270, the Spectrum and the Event Crew staff are ready for almost any event.

Built from a large donation from Dee Smith, founder of Smith's Grocery stores, the Spectrum is home to men's and women's basketball, women's volleyball and gymnastics. During the regular men's basketball season student athletes play in front of sold out crowds most games. It was once said that the Smith Spectrum is the hardest venue to play West of the Mississippi. Because of such a rich tradition in basketball and other fine events the Spectrum is well known in Cache Valley for entertainment


The facility offers many amenities to make any event run smoothly from concession stands for food, to locker rooms for private spaces. For smaller parties up to 100, the G.H "Herb" & Helen A. Champ conference room is a great place for meetings, banquets, and parties. The Champ room probably has one of the greatest if not best views of the valley than any other building in the county, making it a picturesque place to hold your event. With many tables, sound equipment, and even staging we can set for almost any event.There are eight locker rooms one the first floor that have quick access to the main arena. Each of these rooms can be used for green rooms for concerts, dressing rooms, or as restroom facilities.

Getting to the Spectrum is just about as easy as parking near it. Large parking spaces are available to the west and north of the building to accommodate very large events, to smaller more intimate settings. Disability parking is available as well.

To reserve the Dee Glen Smith Spectrum contact Justin Williams at 435-797-2995. For Champ room reservations call Brandon Hansen at 435-797-1104.