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About Us

Event Services is a branch of the Facilities Department at Utah State University, responsible for scheduling, preparing, working, and cleaning up after all special events held in the HPER, Field House, the Quad, Romney Stadium, and the Dee Glen Smith Spectrum. These events range from athletic games, to concerts, to high school and college graduation ceremonies, to the Home and Garden Show in the Field House and the July firework show in the Stadium, we do it all.

Utah State Event Services is separate from the Taggart Student Center and the Caine College of the Arts.
If you have questions regarding events at these locations you can contact them by clicking above.

Those who wish to schedule the HPER, Field House or Quad should contact Campus Recreation at 797-7218 or at

Our Staff is here to make sure the event runs smoothly and to assist our clients with whatever they need. We provide Event Crew Members at all medium to large events, as well as those smaller events that we deem necessary, to ensure proper usage of the facility as well as a safe and smooth event.

Generally we like to meet with clients to have a contract meeting 3 weeks prior to the event to discuss the scope of the event, and to establish needed charges for rent and use of the facility. We are eager to bring a variety of activities to the campus of Utah State University to benefit the students and the community.

It is also the responsibility of Event Services to make sure the Dee Glen Smith Spectrum and Romney Stadium are cleaned after all events held in those facilities like football games, basketball games, etc. To do this we pay groups from the community, local high schools, and on campus groups to clean these facilities. This is a great fundraising opportunity.