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Clean Up Group


Cleaning the Spectrum, Stadium, and/or Wayne Estes Center after sporting and special events is a great fundraising opportunity for groups in Cache Valley. If you are interested in registering your group for a cleaning, fill out our Interested Clean Up Group Contact Information form (see link below). 

 By filling out this form, you will be added to our cleaning database, and we will email you when cleanings become available.  Only one person can sign up for a group.  Cleanings for USU Sporting Events will be released late summer when all games have been finalized. 

 Due to the fact that we are hired by athletics to do these cleanings, we have no control if the event you have signed up for is cancelled or the date/time changes .  If an event is cancelled, we cannot guarantee you a rescheduled cleaning.



  • You must fill out the “Cleaning Group Contact Form” (see link below) in order to do a cleaning; groups and persons that are not listed in our database will be removed from their cleaning.
  • A group can only sign up for ONE cleaning per sport.
  • Once you successfully register for a cleaning, the Cleaning Agreement (see link below) form must be submitted within 2 weeks of confirmed registration, or you will be removed from your cleaning


  • There is not a set amount each group will be paid for a cleaning.  Compensation varies based on factors such as clean-up group attendance, crowd size, performance of the cleaning group, event venue, etc.
    • Compensation could be reduced if group numbers do not meet minimum requirements
  • Payment amounts vary and are not final until cleaning is complete and has been processed, any estimates given over the phone prior to the cleaning are NOT 
  • Compensation will be paid by check and sent to the name and address listed on the invoice form provided at the cleaning. 
    • If the check is reissued due to inconsistencies a $25 fee will be deducted from the compensation amount


  • If your name is on the contact form, you must be present at the cleaning as you will be considered the group leader. 
    • If you are not present, $50 will be deducted from your cleaning compensation.  You must inform us 48 hours PRIORto the cleaning if you will be absent.
  • All clean up groups MUSTprovide a federal tax identification number the day of the cleaning.
  • Submit a completed W9 form (see Link below) to be submitted online with the Cleaning Agreement or mailed within 2 weeks of registration.


  • Football seat wipe down- 35 or more people
  • Football bowl cleaning- 60 or more people
  • Men’s Basketball- 35 or more people
  • Volleyball- 20 or more people
  • Women’s Basketball- 25 or more people
  • Gymnastics- 25 or more people
  • Specials events- Varies according to event
  • Young children under the age of 14 MUST be accompanied & supervised by an adult, and will not be counted in the group total.


  • Event Operations crew members will meet the group to deliver instructions prior to the cleaning.  These instructions will be delivered once the majority of the group has arrived, within 10 minutes of the specified call time.
  • These instructions are not optional.  Do not ask to skip them.
  • If a group is unresponsive to instructions and/or disrespectful, they will not be allowed back for another cleaning.
  • For football bowl cleanings- if necessary you may be requested to bring a few leaf blowers with you to the cleaning.


Cleaning Group Contact Information

Cleaning Agreement

W9 Tax Form